This article discuss Why Clenching Your Fist Makes You Feel Better

  • While you may think that clenching your fists and gritting your teeth is a sign that you are about to lose control; in fact, those classic muscle-tensing moves may actually be helping you keep your cool. Really. According to new research, our angry fists of frustration may actually help us find our inner zen.
  • After clenching their muscles, participants in a recent study were more easily able to accept physical pain (in this case drinking a bad-tasting tonic water) for long-term gain (supposedly the tonic water had health benefits).
  • The study gets more fascinating. What if we told you that clenching your fists when hearing news of a major national disaster might make you more charitable? That’s right, the participants that clenched their fists in anger when hearing about a tragedy, in turn gave more money to the cause.
  • The researchers suspect that when we are faced with a major problem we may naturally clench our fists. This physical manifestation of our inner emotions may ground us and allow us to pull from our inner strength. We literally “grit” our teeth through the bad times for a reason, because by clenching our muscles, we’re physically summoning our willpower.
  • help one grasp long-range thoughts, and, consequently, help one engage more effectively in self-control.” The results from across the five studies showed that simply firming one’s muscles can firm one’s resolve and facilitate self control.
  • Most people face the dilemma of choosing what is pleasant over what is good for them in the long term. When caught in such a tussle, they often unknowingly apply muscle-firming techniques such as clenching fists, gritting teeth or scrunching up muscles to fight a temptation or to overcome an immediate unpleasantness. Once larger studies prove the concept right, these methods of muscle firming may be consciously used to help people make the right choices in trying situations.

This article discussing a research report of “Clenching Your Fists Increases Willpower

  • Our bodies are not just slaves to our minds. They also provide feedback telling us what we’re thinking. And they can be hacked.
  • Now new research in press at theJournal of Consumer Research [pdf] finds that you can increase willpower merely by tightening your muscles.
  • We associate flexed muscles with endurance and striving for goals.
  • The researchers showed that tightening muscles doesn’t just increase pain tolerance. It boosts willpower; the interventions only worked if people desired the purported effects of what they were enduring.

Reduce Your Stress With Stress Balls

This article stated that “Of all the methods of stress elimination used, the most popular methods is through good old stress balls. The simple act of squeezing something in your hand can help you ease a few of your concerns, release some built-up tension, and make you feel like you are at least doing something rather than brooding upon everything that has you down. Fortunately, stress balls are easy to find and they can be very effective for some quick relief.”

This website stated that “The simple act of squeezing something in your hand can help you ease a few of your concerns, release some built-up tension, and make you feel like you are at least doing something rather than brooding upon everything that has you down.”

Stress ball also benefit mind and body. People who have to type on keyboard can get a break by exercising their hands in a different way, will be able to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

This website also mention that stress ball works to release stress:

” When we’re stressed out, our bodies tense up and we physically clench. The stress ball prompts you to squeeze and release, which can leave you feeling less tense than you started. The benefit of squeezing is that it releases some kind of energy — it also induces you to relax”

 “I’m not knockin’ stress balls,” Posen says, “but in terms of getting the real benefit long-term, you need something more than just squeezing your hand.” Well I agree,that is why I need an idea which is more than just squeezing something.

Here’s how you use stress ball:

“it is best to treat them as a form of meditation. That is, you concentrate on the stress balls so that you are not worrying about anything else. Feel them in your hand and notice the weight. When you are either squeezing them or rolling them around in your hand, notice how they feel in your palm and in your fingers.

Concentrate on putting your concerns into your hand, then putting them into the stress balls, as though they are absorbing all that stress and taking it away. By placing all your thoughts into your stress balls, you can push away all those concerns and worries and put them into an inanimate object that does not notice the stress. Then, once you are done, you should feel as though a burden has been lifted and your mind is cleared.”

stress ball can have many types too:

i saw the stress ball below at Malaysia and was attracted by the appearance and curious of what it is.

“These Cao Maru Stress Balls were designed by Makiko Yoshida – and they are totally trippy looking if I do say so myself. Besides looking weird, these funky little stress relieverscan be squeezed, squashed, and stretched to help you get through a particularly long day”







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