This research is to find out why FACEBOOK become a popular culture which almost all people around us are using it. I found that lots of people love to share every tiny bit of what they are doing (eating etc), how they feel, the song they love, they problem they face and a lot more about themselves on Facebook. I do it too sometimes.

For myself i found out that i do it because i don’t have someone to talk to at certain time, getting people’s attention to what I’m doing. As I’m studying alone in another country, i will post where am I if I’m travelling, making sure that if I’m missing, people know where to find me from my last update on Facebook. I realize that talking to others and expressing your feelings is a good way of releasing stress.


Talking It Out

  • “Talking about how you feel and getting it off your chest — is very helpful for people,”
  • A good-old venting session can help to get the emotion out, dissipating some of that stress energy. Having social support and a place to verbally unload is cathartic.
  •  Venting is a great way to get that stress energy out, but even better if you can do it in person. “When you meet face-to-face, you produce a lot of oxytocin — an amazing hormone that calms you down.”
  • And you might consider adding Mom to your speed-dial if she isn’t there already:Research shows that hearing mom’s voice can soothe you just as it did when you were a kid.

Shouting It Out

  • you gotta be careful about where and how you scream
  • Consider a tantrum yoga class. Hemalayaa, the creator of tantrum yoga, encourages her students to release stress by yelling, chest-pounding and laughing.
  • “I believe we are emotional beings and there are times we need to express in order to let go of emotion, especially old stuff that is sitting in there, festering. Otherwise it gets stuck in our bodies and could turn into stress, disease, etc.,”

For people like me who study at overseas and have 2 or 3 classes per week, the chances is that, the number of times I browse my Facebook page, talking to my friends through messages per day is more than the people I talk to.

Why posting on Facebook could be good for you.

This article is discussing about a study “With the rise of Facebook, many psychologists have turned their attention on the effects of using social media on things like happiness andself esteem.”.

In this study, the researchers split the subjects into two groups. One group received no instructions, while the other was asked to post “more status updates than they usually post per week.” Both groups were given short daily surveys about their moods and feelings. The results showed that the students who posted more on Facebook experienced a decrease in feelings of loneliness, which the researchers attribute to feeling more connected with their friends.

From this website it mention that “There is sentiment that social media elements such as Facebook statuses are being used by people to get attention and to rant. As a society are we becoming addicted to expressing our smallest irritations over social media? “. No matter what reason they post their status, it really helps them to release their stress, anger and feel better.






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