Villain hittingDa Siu Yan (打小人, direct translate is hit the little person) or demon exorcising is a folk sorcery popular in the Guangdong area of China and Hong Kong. Its purpose is to curse one’s enemies using magic. Villain hitting is often considered a humble career, and the ceremony is often performed by older ladies.”

There’s another type of cursing, which is using a doll and write the name of the people you want to curse on the doll and using needles to poke on it. It is similar with Villain hitting, just replace the hitting with the needle.


There are some games app which is similar to this ceremony, it helps people to release anger.

打小人 Villain Hitting

iPhone 螢幕快照 1iPhone 螢幕快照 2

Case Study: Skittles bring unexpected fun to teens with ‘villain-hitting’ app via DDB Hong Kong

“DDB created an activation campaign that aimed to strengthen engagement with Hong Kong teenagers, and become part of their routine candy repertoire. DDB created a ‘Skittles beat the rainbow’ smartphone app, which provided an engaging platform for teens to virtually beat their ‘little person’.
Using the app, players can select an image of their friend or enemy and beat their ‘little person’, not until he’s small and shriveled, but until he’s big. The unexpected twist is that the app actually blesses the ‘little person’ rather than curses him.
The new campaign encourages people to play with, participate in and pass on – the app can be shared on users’ Facebook to engage with their friends. The campaign also included guerilla marketing, POSM and a viral video.”
Smartphone App Screen Shot (9).png

There are lots of games design for anger release, not only in the chinese version, there’s a game call OFFICE JERK which i played before, it is fun yet anger release. The higher your scores, you can unlock different items and each items have few different effect after throwing, it makes me play it repeatedly to satisfied my curiosity.







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