From the talk by Professor  Anne Chick, she explained that design for social impact involves systems, entrepreneurial and innovative thinking. It is a social innovation, a new idea that works in meeting society goals. It is a process of change emerging from the creative re-combination of existing assets, the aim of which is to achieve socially recognized goals in new way. This project brief isn’t just creating nice design, web page design; As a graphic designer, we are to make things happen. Below are some research which made me understand more of what is design for social impact.


Their website showcase some projects which made me understand what design for social impact is. two other related website which Professor Anne Chick mention during her talk which I had look through:



Below is one of their project which I found it interesting. Co-designing with older people is really an interesting idea, not only helping the older people which involves in the project to feel more satisfied with their life and feel proud of what they can do for the society.


This video features some inspiring award winning social impact design projects.



Another website which Anne Chick mention, it is made up of over 550 individuals in offices around the world. I found that the work they did can be useful for my project.







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